Red Rhino Soil Screener

Red Rhino Soil Screener

AMS presents our latest machine, the Red Rhino Soil Screener. It is available for hire in Cambridge, Newmarket, Ely and the surrounding villages.
It is an amazing recycling machine that is a must in this modern day.

The “Screen Box” is a two deck vibrating unit producing three grades of screened material. Vibration is via hydraulic belt driven eccentric shaft vibrating on four rosta mounts on each corner of the Screenbox.

To produce the required product grade screen mesh decks are fitted top and bottom and tensioned with
camber bars and adjusters.

The Screener is equipped with four conveyors. All the conveyors are driven by hydraulic drive couplings.

Front Conveyor
This conveyor discharges all the oversize product off
the top screen deck to the front of the machine.

Side Conveyor
This conveyor discharges all the medium
grade material off the lower screen deck to the
left hand side of the machine.

Transfer Fines Conveyor
Under the Screen box is an angled conveyor. This transfer the fines material which filters through both
screen decks. This is then deposited on the rear cross conveyor and discharged to the rear of the machine. The rear cross conveyor is fitted with two poly scrapers. These scrapers must be kept adjusted
up to the belt. This helps keep the belt clean in damp conditions.

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