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Red Rhino 5000 Crusher

AMS presents our latest machine, the Red Rhino 5000 mobile crusher. It is available for hire in Cambridge, Newmarket, Ely and the surrounding villages.
It is an amazing recycling machine that is a must in this modern day. The government have stated that they intend to abolish construction and demolition waste to landfill. The impact of this is huge – every construction and demolition project that produces waste rubble will need to dispose of it in an alternative way.

Crushing and reusing the concrete and brick is the most sensible approach, as it provides both reusable aggregates for future projects (such as driveways, patios, roads etc) and it produces resellable products available to other people.

The Red Rhino 5000 makes a type 1 aggregate from 10mm to 100mm in size, producing a better quality product than you can buy in builders merchants – at a reduced cost! So save money and hire in AMS Cambridge Crushers to recycle your old concrete, brick and more.

The crusher is available for hire with a trained operator to work the machine for you; this is highly recommended to get the maximum potential out of the machine. We also have the correct plant to load the crusher and collect and move the crushed materials (see our plant hire page). Our digger will load the crusher quickly and effectively and the high tip dumper can collect and move the crushed materials round the site. We also have a breaker available to go on the digger which can be used to break up large pieces of concrete as well.

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