Driveway Sealing Contractors, Cambridge

We are Resiblock Approved contractors and are on the Resiblock Register.

Resiblock offers:

1. A superior way of making an old driveway look better, or a new one look even better!
2. It protects against staining from: oil, diesel, food and also the loss of jointing sand.
3. It also prevents against weed and grass growth and ant nests.
4. It enhances the look of new and old paving.
5. It is available in a natural matt finish as well as the original gloss finish that everyone loves.
6. It can now also be used to seal Indian Sandstone patios.

This product is used in demanding conditions such as airports, town centres and military bases. It has been used at Manchester United, O2 Arena and even Wimbledon.

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Driveway Cleaning

We also offer a driveway cleaning service – and we’re on facebook!

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