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Bobcat E19 Compact Excavator

The Bobcat® E19 compact excavator (mini excavator) delivers impressive performance in confined spaces with the need for only minimal repositioning. The operator can hydraulically retract the undercarriage to a width of only 98 cm in order to travel through gates or between walls and houses, then expand it to 136 cm for a wider footprint and greater performance.
Weight: 1.9t
Digging depth: 2.56m
Height: 2.56m
Width: 0.98m-1.36m

Bobcat E10 Compact Excavator

With a retracted track width of only 71 cm, the Bobcat® E10 compact excavator (mini excavator) can access difficult and cramped jobsites where exhausting manual labour is your only other option. This model navigates through narrower openings and can operate in more confined areas than other excavators. The zero tail swing gives you the greatest flexibility to pivot and deposit soil while offering the most protection against accidental contact with surrounding property.

Hitachi ZX26U-5

Compact Excavator
Net Power

15 kW
20 hp
Operating Weight

2620 – 2770 kg
5,780 – 6,110 lb.
Max Dig Reach

4.63 m
15 ft. 2 in.
Max Dig Depth

2.59 m
8 ft. 6 in.

Work where others can’t this machine gives you big-time performance on all kinds of jobs. This machine is nimble and designed to keep its tail close to its tracks – so you can work where others can’t.

A fuel-efficient Yanmar engine that meets EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV emission standards provides reliable and powerful performance. A spacious cab with wider, easier entry and better visibility won’t cramp your style. When you choose the ZX26U-5 you get the efficiency, reliability and durability Hitachi is known for.

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