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There are different ways to prepare for and lay a patio. The simplest and therefore, most cost effective way is to dig a shallow foundation and lay slabs onto a dry sand and cement mix and brush the dry mix into the paving joints. At AMS Building and Landscaping, we prefer to use a comprehensive foundation – minimum 120mm depth with a ground sheet covered by 80mm hardcore and topped with a 3 to 1 wet sand and cement mix.

We do not recommend the dry mix brush method for the paving joints and only use a semi-wet or a Marshall weather point for pointing the laid patio as we build them to last.

Likewise with any walling, we only use the best construction methods – a well dug out foundation, then concreted before adding a professionally laid and pointed wall. We have many years of experience and welcome your enquiry about our patio and wall service.

AMS Building & Landscaping in Cambridge are able to provide you with a range of landscaping services from fencing to patios.


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