AMS supports Mind with Marshalls Register

Marshalls held an auction for a ‘Slave for the Day’ with all money going to the charity Mind for Better Mental Health and we as contractors were bidding for someone from Marshalls to be the slave for the day and I won this man, lol!

Today my area assessor from Marshalls Ray Stevenson, a former block paver himself and now working for Marshalls came to be our slave.

It was a wet raining day so what a better time to cash in?!

I have known Ray a while and he’s told me lots of story’s of how good he is, and it was about time to push him to see what he could really do!

We had Ray laying blocks, cutting, cleaning up…… you name it he did it and as you would expect he was a good sport, worked hard with no complaints and did a great job.

I also got a signed Jeff Hurst t-shirt which was awesome and topped the day off.

Thank you Ray, good work for a great cause.